Gunnerkrigg Court-A hulking, factory-like school sits among a mystical forest. Here, students must navigate the mythical and mystical with the cybernetic and scientific.
Digger- A lost wombat accidentally burrows to a strange world where eggplants turn vampiric and old hyena gods stir.
Girl Genius- THE steampunk comic. Filled with gears, mad science, pie, and hilarity!
Skin Deep- An interesting take on mythology in the modern world.
- A directory of comics created by other like minded she-geeks. One day we shall rule the world! MWAHAHHAHAW!
Girls With Slingshots- Two girls vs life.
Narbonic- A mad scientist and her techie do an adventure make. Though it has finished, it's still one of my favorites.
No Need for Bushido- A romp between warring clans in feudal Japan...sort of. Lovely coloring and delicious humor.
No Rest for the Wicked- The Princess of pea fame searches for a vanished moon in a land populated by callous cats and somber red riding hoods.
Three Panel Soul- The second comic from Ian and Matt of MacHall fame. Funny vignettes of life in three panels.
True Magic- When the god of light lit up the world, he gave great powers to humanity upon their request. This was, in retrospect, a big mistake.
Weregeek- Sure, it's all fun, games, and dice rolling now...but when the sun sets, weregeeks prowl the night!
Zebra Girl- Accidentally cursed and turned into a demon by her house mate's magic dabblings, Sandra must come to terms with her new life...and bunnies. The most beautiful ink work I have ever seen.

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